Somatic Counselling in Edmonton
Understand Mind Body and Spirit

The body is always seeking healing. It holds the innate wisdom and capacity to release trauma given the space and support to do so

First Priority

To create safety & connection: 80% of the success of the therapeutic relationship lies in the client safely connecting with the counselor. Being trauma-informed and my ongoing personal healing journey and personal development invite clients to open up safely and with consent to explore and express- Somatic Counselling in Edmonton.

Body-Aware: as the body is “the holder of all information”, I invite my clients to take pauses as needed, I encourage them to slow down, be curious about, and witness the movements and communication taking place between body and mind. This gives an ascension to an integrated mind-body-spirit approach when working with clients.

Trapped in the nervous system, this life energy has become truncated for reasons such as; Adverse Childhood Experiences, developmental trauma, and accidents. I work on the level of the nervous system, which is deeper than emotion or thought, to help resolve blockages and ultimately facilitate trauma resolution.

Somatic Counselling in Edmonton:

As a registered Therapeutic Counselor and Registered Social Worker, I support you in settling your attention into the body for the sake of increasing your capacity to feel, heal, and return to an embodied and balanced state. While verbal communication and cognitive processing are part of the process, the most profound and lasting healing occurs as you broaden your capacity to be with/feel emotions (joy, anger, sadness), sensations, and movement impulses. In doing so, you become more aware of the world around you and feel a greater sense of belonging, peace, and purpose.

Areas of support:
+ Anxiety
+ Pain and discomfort
+ low energy
+ negative thinking
+ isolation
+ Relationship conflict
+ overwhelm and imbalance
+ creative or energetic blocks

Work With Me

I use an integrative approach to healing, one that focuses on the relationship between MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT. The first essential step to providing care, is viewing YOU as a whole being. I recognize the variations in each nervous system, and that is why my program is flexible for your safety, as SAFETY is our number one priority! Mind-body therapies stems from the understanding that the mind and body are linked together. By working with both will positively impact your nervous system.

How does this benefit you?

• Builds or creates a connection between mental and physical process, so you can learn how to have a greater sense of self

• Increase awareness and articulation of your emotions with compassion and empathy

• Learn self-regulation tools and strategies for what works for your body

• Release or discharges the energy buildup safely, so you can gradually remove the trigger over time

• Achieve healthy connections with people

• Healthy boundaries and increased resilience

• Improve inner self-talk and enhance the ability to cope

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Structure and Fees

Holistic Healing and Wellness Services in Edmonton | Somatic Counselling in Edmonton

Counseling sessions that take place in-person, or online via Zoom have the same fee attached to them
Please inquire via telephone or email for correct individualized pricing.

Anita uses the breath work technique on all modalities

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