Mental Health Counseling
in Edmonton

Your Nervous System needs to be tended to.

Sana = Healing & Soma = Body

A heart-centered, trauma-informed centre that captures the wholeness of the person through touch and through words.

At Sana Soma Integrative Centre, we understand that your healing journey and growth aren’t like everyone else’s, which is why Sana Soma offers an integrative approach to maximize the results that you desire.

  • Registered Therapeutical Counselor
  • Registered Social Worker
  • Mediator
  • Somatic Therapist
  • Andean Shaman
  • Brainspotting Therapy

My Commitment

  • To help balance my client’s mind/body/spirit with a combination of proven modalities that smooths the path for deeper healing and transformation.
  • That when it comes to transformation, I fully engage with my clients by actively listening and honoring their story. My work is an appreciation of returning to self, and to appreciate your body’s command of self-care and restoration.
  • To look at the entire family system for clues on repeated unhealthy patterns and boundaries
  • To continue to offer client/person-centered approaches, which means that you lead and direct our sessions without judgment and complete acceptance and support


What to expect:

  • An opportunity to co-create goals and a relationship for change.
  • A culturally attuned and relational support system. I hold space to support individuals from systemic & relational traumas. The communities I support are & not limited to: BIPOC, LGBTQAI+, & Trauma survivors

My purpose is to offer a safe, calm container for individuals who are searching
for integrative healing and a personalized journey.



Please verify your insurance company to determine your benefit plan coverage.

My work is inspired by my training, certifications, and experiences in:

• Registered Social Work

• Registered Therapeutical Counselor

Somatic Touch Therapy

• Somatic Embodiment & Regulation

• Family/Conflict Mediation

• TRE Practitoner

Are You Ready For The Next Steps?

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