Shamanic Healing and Energy

My Story

The last couple of years, I have been working closely with my family with some ancestral work and during this work, I rebuilt my ancestral altar with deeper intentions and connections.

During my family work, I started receiving guidance by my ancestors and ceremonial ideas during Dreamtime. Intuitively, I know that the instructions that were given to me, were gifts from my ancestors and my Peruvian guides.

One night, I received a “visitor” who gifted me a small seedling with a sprout. The man was dressed in a Peruvian traditional shawl and in Spanish, he said

Few months later, I received another visitor at night. This time it was an older female, an abuelita (grandmother) with a shawl over her head- using all the bright vibrant colors of South America. Just like my last visitor, she came in quietly and had something in the palm of her hand. I reached out to look and saw that she was carrying an embryo and placed it in my hand.

Not knowing what to do, I accepted it and waited.

Weeks later, I was being pulled into a cave by my ancestor and inside the cave there was a huge vibrant fire and beside that fire there was a beautiful woman dancing.

I went into a trance looking at the fire. Moments later, a slideshow popped in front of my face and in seconds I was given the sequence for my Andean Womb Work.



An hour and half personalized session on the table.

Herbs/flowers chosen by my ancestors to gift to your womb

An Andean Meditation and limpieza (cleanse)

Suggested: 3 sessions (6 weeks apart)

– Mother wound

– Father wound

– Inner Child wound

· IN person only*



Shamanic Counselling is a powerful, transformative method, a spiritual form of counselling and guidance, that follows the techniques of shamanism, which is an ancient strategy that dates back between 50,000-100,000.

I adopt the Peruvian (PAQO) way; and that is to build a relationship with Earth, plants, mountains, water, and wind spirit. We also call in the power animals to guide us in our healing journey.

This ancient method brings balance and wholeness from our dis-ease; by working with our ancient tools and sacred herb.

We bring in your ancestors, the elements that make up the planet to support your wellness.

I draw in the modern counseling methodology and somatic foundation while using the ancient wisdom of our spiritual world.

A one-hour session with me looks like:

– Soul retrieval

– Andean bodywork and cleansing

– Ancestral healing & counselling

– Intuitive guidance and mediumship

– Journeying/drumming


Shamanic as a psychology

Before psychotherapy there was shamanism. It wasn’t given a name until Mircea Eliade, in 1964 recognised patterns in indigenous peoples across the world and felt the need to name it. 1964 was not such a long time ago, but “shamanism” had been in existence since the beginning of time. (Wynne, Abby, 2012)

I believe that the essence of shamanism lies in the foundations of all types of healing work.

– “Shamanism is not psychotherapy. In psychotherapy, the relationship is between the therapist and the client. In shamanism, the relationship is between the shamanic practitioner and the spirits and the client.” (Wynne, Abby, 2012)

There is a connection, a relationship with both Shamanism and psychotherapy, both work with the human psyche and both encourage relationship with self as a priority.

And there is room for both practices to be respected and acknowledged.


Book a connection call with me to see if Shamanic Counselling is a good fit for you.