"To heal is to touch with love that which we previously touched with fear."

-Stephen Levine

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My Journey

(Anita Mittal)

Anita believes in investing in people and is passionate about working with adults. She is honored to provide her clients with guidance and support during their healing journey.

In fact, Anita has been working in the field of human dynamics as a Social Worker for over 15 years. Her professional experiences are in the areas of family mediation, conflict management & coaching, somatic touch therapy, and a somatic embodiment and regulation practitioner.

Anita is a Registered Social Worker and a Registered Therapeutic Counselor who offers alternative healing modalities for her clients who are looking for an alternative or to add intensity to their existing therapy/coaching session.  Anita is excited and committed to bringing peace and clarity to those who choose to work with her.

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Why Work With Me ?

Anita’s passion for helping others started at a very young age. Her family arrived to Canada in 1977 with no job prospects, no money and very little fluency in the English language. With the limited resources available to new immigrants, the family struggled. Anita always tried her best to help by translating and locating resources to assist the family in any way she could. It was during those times that she fell in love with helping others, making meaningful connections and listening to other people’s stories.

Anita was drawn to trauma work due to working through her own personal trauma in her life, as well as hearing about the trauma her parents endured during the war of 1978 in Chile. As a social worker, counselor, and mediator, she witnessed numerous trauma-inducing tragedies within the family system and knew she wanted to learn and do more in this field. It was then that she decided to expand her practice and her knowledge to become a trauma-informed social worker and therapeutic counselor.

She brings natural compassion, curiosity, positivity, and focus to her client’s needs. She looks forward to honoring their stories, re-establishing compassion and communication with self and others, and cultivating awareness of your family system.

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