Holistic Marital Mediation

Anita Mittal holds a interest-based mediation certificate and a family mediation certificate since 2015. She currently works with Alberta Justice in the civil court department as a sub-contractor mediator.

Marital mediation is also know as “mediation to stay married” and it’s a mediation process for couples (married or unmarried) who are experiencing marital problems or difficulties and who would prefer to stay together, work through their issues in a constructive way, who are willing to learn to resolve conflict and who wish to avoid divorce or separation. This mediation process is a practical, solution-oriented approach to conflict resolution in which the couples identifies, brainstorms, negotiate and problem solve their own solutions to conflict.

How does it work?

The couple works with a trained mediator, who uses dispute resolution techniques to help define the issues and gain understanding, discovers hidden interests, and creates options for breaking impasses and improving the couples conflict resolution and interpersonal communication skills. The mediator facilitates communication among the parties, wherefore the parties can independently set goals and objectives together for mutual implementation

Why mediation and not counseling?

The superior benefit of Marital Mediation is that • it teaches conflict resolution, constructive communication • a deeper understanding of their own issues and conflicts. • This process also helps realize their own solution to conflict • Re-establish emotional connection • By creating agreements that work well for you, strengthen the relationship and the follow through is more successful

More information:

It is up to the parties if they want to draw up an agreement or memorandum of understanding. I am not a lawyer and do not provide legal advice, just information. I am not available for family mediation or divorce mediation. Please phone for pricing and more information